Falcona Leadership Development Program
Mark your calendars!! Leadership registration begins Tuesday Nov 8, 2017


Leadership Development 1 (LD-1) 
Monday August14 - Saturday Aug 26, 2017 

ld1Outdoor living skills, group dynamics and fun are the goals of this re-designed Leadership Development Program. Participants will learn how to facilitate group activities and still get a good mix of the traditional camp activities they have grown to love at Camp Falcona. Participants will also become familiar with low impact camping practices and other outdoor living skills related to canoe tripping. This program includes an introductory overnight canoe trip spent onon beautiful Nelson Lake. Falcona's LD-1 program is perfect for campers who are looking for a new challenge or for those interested in becoming a strong and committed leader within the camp community. 

Participants are required to be 14 to 15 years of age. 

Leadership Development 2 (LD-2) 
Monday July 10 - Saturday July 22, 2017

Communication, problem solving and conflict resolution are some of the key focuses in the second tier of the Falcona Leadership Program. Touching upon many of the skills learned in Falcona's LD-1 program, this newly developed program will help our veteran campers hone their outdoor living skills and learn how to organize and facilitate camp programs on their own. Participants will also begin to learn essential counselling skills and will have the opportunity to apply their skills as part of a cabin placement. This program also includes a 2 night canoe trip based out of John Island Camp.
Participants are required to be 15 to 16 years of age.  

In-Camp "Program" Norquay
Monday July 10 - Friday Aug 11, 2017

In-Camp Norquay is part of the leadership program offered at both YMCA Camp Falcona and YMCA John Island Camp.  Participants experience a wide variety of opportunities to develop skills in counselling and teaching in a camp environment.  The overall goal of the program is to challenge each individual through a progression of leadership opportunities so they will receive the necessary training and possess the maturity to become an effective leader. 

Participants spend two weeks at YMCA Camp Falcona and two weeks at YMCA John Island Camp developing programming skills and experiencing what it is like to be a staff member at a camp.  Norquays spend a week in a cabin at both camps and some time learning how to teach different activity areas and assisting with campers.  A one week canoe trip focusing on leadership skills in a wilderness setting will complete the Norquay experience.  

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