Falcona One-Week Camps
Mark your calendars!! Camper registration begins Tueaday January 3, 2017 

One-Week Camps 

Session 1 Monday July 10 -   Saturday July 15, 2017 (8-14)
Session 2 Monday July 17 -   Saturday July 17, 2017 (8-14)
Session 3 Monday July 24 -   Saturday July 29, 2017 (8-14) Survivor Week
Session 4 Tuesday Aug 08 -  Saturday Aug 12, 2017 (6-10) Prospectors Week
Session 5 Monday Aug 14 -   Saturday Aug 19, 2017 (8-14) 
Session 6 Monday Aug 21 -   Saturday Aug 26, 2017 (8-14) Falcona Games Week

Whether you are brand new to overnight camping or have been coming for years, YMCA Camp Falcona has something just for you. Falcona offers an immersive 1-week camping experience, each of our six 1-week programs are offered from Monday to Saturday and have a maximum of 60 campers. 

For the duration of the week, all campers live in cabins wiht 8-10 other children. Camper cabins are grouped based on gender, age and individual cabin-mate requests. Each cabin group is supervised by two staff who eat, sleep, play, teach and facilitate cabin activities with campers. Cabin groups are introduced to a a wide range of camp actvities and have the opportunity to participate in numerous programs as a cabin. In addition to traditional camp activities, cabin groups get to experience programs such as Voyageur Canoeing, Water Park and an Out-Lunch (Campfire cookout). These unique cabin experiences are great for strenthening friendships and developing a strong sense of community at camp. prospectors

In addition to cabin activities, individual choice is a big part of the Falcona experience. Everyday, campers have the opportunity to choose their favourite camp activities and try new things. Our choice programs are designed to spark interest in various activities and allow each camper to independently improve self-confidence and develop new skills.

No camp experience would be complete without Falcona's camp-wide programs and events. Camp Falcona has been a place of community and belonging since it's inception in 1937. Meal songs, skit nights, special theme days, communal campfires, and all-camp games are just a few of the activities that happen throughout the week that help unite our campers and bring the camp together. 

If one week at Camp Falcona is just not enough, we also offer muliple week booking throughout the summer. There is weekend supervision (changeover) provided for all campers staying more than one week. 

Survivor Week

Offered during Session 3, Survivor Week is always a camper favourite. A weeklong completitive event, Survivor week is the crown of all camp challenges at Falcona. Each cabin represents their own unique team and must compete with other cabins in a series of events and challenges. Cabin groups must out-wit and out-play other teams in a variety of activities that include shelter building competitions, raft building races, scavenger hunts, ultimate capture the flag, and much more! Imagination, creativity camp spirit and teamwork are the keys to success  during Falcona's Survivor week. In addition to all the exciting Survivor themed programs, every cabin group still has the opportunity to enjoy all the traditional camp activities that Falcona has to offer.

If you think you have what it takes, then light the tiki torches and get your trive's cheer ready because the challenge is on!


Offered session 4, Prospectors is a shortened session that offers a great introduction to overnight camping for campers between the ages of 6-10. Over the course of the 5 days, cabin groups will have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends, and discover what Camp Falcona is all about. Campers will participate in a wide variety of camp programs within thier cabin groups. For many campers, this is the first time away from home and Falcona is dedicated to provideing a sensitive and supportive environment throughout the entire program. 

The Falcona Games 

Last year, Falcona culminated another fantastic summer by hosting the 10th annual Falcona Games. Each year, the Falcona Games are help during the final week of camp, Session 6. The games are a unique and exciting program where all campers and staff are divided into two teams (Lumberjacks or Prospectors) and must compete against one another in a series of competitions and challenges. Get ready  for an exciting week of wacky copetitions, creative cheers, team events, and so much more! In addition to participating in activities with your respective teams, campers still have the opportunity to particpate in all of Falcona's traditional programs with their cabin groups. The Games end with a special W.A.L.O (Water and Land Olympics) relay race that involves the whole camp and incorporates all of our programs.


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